Paul and Gemma break through the pain barrier hand in hand – an inspiration to all

14 Dec

To be honest the weekend was a bit of a breakthrough for me, it’s always been my target to run 10k (you might remember our first couple of little runs), but it all went a bit tits after I damaged my ankles last year. Training and the gym dropped off and I slapped on weight.

This year started off dreadful (I couldn’t run from the house to the start of the Greenway without stopping for breath), but I set some realistic goals and changed my trainers. The walking holiday in the Pyrenees’ was the turning point and I was a lot fitter when we got back.

I was then running 5k regular and 8ishk at the weekends plus some bike rides but was starting to suffer from backache and fatigue on longer runs.

Then circuits has really sorted out the backache (core stability and posture) plus its pushed what I thought I was capable of without stopping. It never once crossed my mind I couldn’t run 10k, circuits mentally toughens you up.

So 10k is in the bag (and it was a toughy first race). Me and Gemma are talking about doing the Great North Run next year, so now we really need to get serious about our training.

Thanks Rich for shouting at me all those times…

See the pictures here:

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