Speares Sports plans an attempt at the fearsome Bob Graham Round!

12 Nov

In June 1932 some nutter called Bob Graham thought it would be a hoot to try and run over 42 of the highest peaks in the Lake District, climbing and descending more than 28,500 feet and covering 72 miles, completing the whole challenge within 24 hours.

Bob did his round in tennis shoes, long shorts, and pyjama jacket. His food was bread and butter, a lightly boiled egg and plenty of fruit and sweets for energy. He believed that anyone fit and well prepared could do the same round, but his record was to stand for 28 years.

To date less than 1,500 people have completed this phenomenal challenge.

Not daunted by this an elite team from Speares Sports have already started training for an attempt in mid 2010. Are you mad enough to join in?

There will be 3 organised visits to the Lakes in March, April and May each covering one third of the course. In addition there will be regular training runs at picturesque destinations.

For the event we will need:
-Runners prepared to join us for sections to provide on mountain support.
-Road support. There are 5 road crossings and at each one we will need substantial back up providing food, medical support and clothing.
-Organisational Support with trackers links to twitter etc.

Join Us
Please register your interest with us now as:
-a competitor
-a back up runner
-road support team
-drinking buddy

Contact us through the website or at info@spearessports.co.uk

This is a massive event and we are very keen to involve all of the Club members. Immediately after the event there will be a party in the Lakes, so don’t miss out!


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